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Dexter Systems has built over 200 industrial strength solutions for our clients. We live at the intersection of technology and productivity. With our suite of data collection, optimization, and UI based products, we help companies streamline business processes and increase productivity.

Trains Don't Vanish!

March 5, 2014 - New York, NY – Dexter Systems announced today that it had placed third out of thirty-two teams in the qualification phase of a prestigous international engineering competition sponsored by SNCF, France’s national railway, and EURO (European Operational Research Society). The competition, ROADEF/EURO Challenge 2014, asked participants to generate schedules for the arrival and departure of several thousand trains. The submission was based on our DeXpert optimization engine, a framework for solving complex problems having multiple objectives.
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Imagine a field manager that needs to track the status of 15, 20, or 25 technicians. Where are they? What have they finished? ManGo is our new web services platform that enables Managers on the Go to answer these questions via their smartphone or tablet. Click here for a demo.

Technician Scheduling Platform

Organizations with large field forces can spend hours creating technician work schedules. Dexter's Technician Loading Platform uses an advanced optimization engine to create schedules based on skills, appointment windows, job requirements, distance and a whole host of other constraints. This video provides a high level view of the functionality.
Dexter Agent Manager vs Silo Effect

Large enterprises often create data silos to support their organizational structure. Learn how Dexter uses its Agent Manager technology to build applications that cross department boundaries. If you've heard the expresssion "Our systems don't talk to each other", this video is for you.